Hello Reviewers!

Thank you for taking the time to read Musician Ignition, my first product launch from Vibe Guy Music. I know your schedules are crazy and I appreciate your work on my behalf.

Your input has been so helpful. The edits and suggestions improved it tremendously.

  • Every chapter is more focused.
  • The original “Learn to Ask” section (after the Preface) is now “How To Use This Book.”
  • The countless typos and grammatical errors have been fixed.

Quoting You:

  1. Write your statement/quote as you want it seen.
  2. Name. Tell me exactly how you want to be titled… (P. Babelay –  Cajun/Celtic/Klezmer/Country vibraphonist)
  3. Email your quote and title to: support@musicianignition.com

Next Step for MI

  • The book will become an Epub document, or Ebook.
  • Teachers and organizations will make it available to their students/clients for the next round of testing/testimonials.
  • Website being made ready for business.


Below is the most recent version of Musician Ignition. Click to get your complimentary pdf. All the Best!