Musician Ignition Bonus Pack - Introductory Offer with 70% Savings!

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What could be better than one great Music Career Resource? That would be 4 MORE RESOURCES in our BONUS PACK.

FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, we are including both formats of Musician Ignition: PDF for larger devices and ePUB for phones and smaller devices. ($38.00)

10 Music Career Mistakes and How To Avoid Them PDF and 43-minute MP3 read by the author, Paul Babelay. ($10.00)

20 Rules For Music Success. Valuable lessons for music and life. ($5.00)

The Musicpreneur Toolkit 2019. A linked database of the best music career tools to help you launch. ($14.00)

How To Practice: 7 Steps to Great Results is the strategy to help you maximize your practice and be your best. ($7.00)

This introductory special is valued at $74.00 and available now for only $27.00... Over 70% Savings!

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