Here is a complimentary copy of Musician Ignition: How To Create Blueprints For A Successful Music Career. I’m excited for you to read it and look forward to your response. It has been a work in progress for several years and finally – it is ready for publication.

There will be changes, edits, omissions and additional material in the future. However, it is finished – for now. I welcome your honest critique and suggestions to improve it with time. Your perspective can only make MI sharper and more effective for emerging musicians.

So please… grab a coffee, turn on the BS detector, and bring your honest, musician perspective. Try to remember when you were just getting started. I think you’ll find there is entertaining yet valuable content here for an artist trying to launch a musical dream.

Below are your links to Musician Ignition. I’ve included both Epub and Pdf formats, so take one or both if you prefer. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you, and I look forward to your comments. PB